Transport is essential to all our lives. We travel to work and school, travel to meet our friends, do our shopping, move our goods and go on holiday. It is part of everybody’s existence.

Creating a transport system that matches the requirements of our 21st Century lifestyles is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Getting it wrong leads to congestion, delays, inability to reach jobs and shops, a poor environment, increased health problems and generally a poorer existence for us all.

Congestion is an increasing problem across the world and is partly a consequence of increasing economic prosperity as more people have jobs and people travel further. A major impact of congestion is that it causes journey times to be unpredictable leading to travellers allowing unnecessarily for exceptional delays in their journey planning. The European Commission identifies congestion as a major barrier to the mobility of people and goods.

With our extensive knowledge and experience SG Transport Innovation International has the ability to provide solutions to these problems by exploiting state of the art technology to provide a cost effective sustainable platform for future expansion. Our case studies provide a small snapshot of the benefits this approach can deliver across all modes of transport.

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